The Kitchen

Our Auckland based kitchen operates 6 days a week, for up to 20 hours a day. It’s fully equipped as a commercial kitchen, but it still follows the same cooking style that you would follow at home, just on a slightly bigger scale.

In our kitchen we use over 7000 eggs per week, each one broken by hand. We get daily deliveries of the best fresh produce we can find from fresh meat, vegetables and pantry staples like flour, sugar and butter.


The Team

Our team is made up of pastry chefs, bakers, cookie icers and chefs. It takes quite a team effort to produce all the wholesale bakery products in our range and several different skill sets.

Some of our team have worked with us for over 20 years, and it’s our people who help us to make consistently high-quality wholesale bakery products. We couldn’t do it without them. We’re always on the look-out for enthusiastic team members, so be sure to check out our careers page to see which roles are hiring for.


The Rocket Foods Way

As all staff are superstar bakers and true foodies, they use their knowledge and skills of baking to produce the best possible product for you to enjoy. All our products are handmade, and hand finished, which is just the way that we like to do things.

From the time we receive our raw ingredients to when we pack our finished products, our production process is geared to ensure the tasty Rocket Food you will enjoy has been made to the highest possible standard.  


Food Safety Programme

Our kitchen follows a very strict food safety plan to ensure that all our sweet and savoury products are made witin the correct policies and procedures.

We operate an externally audited Template Food Control Plan (TFCP) which is followed by the whole team, from our Bakers, Kitchen Hands and Supervisors. Any visitors to our Kitchen must also comply with our standards.