Our Ethos

At Rocket Foods, we strive to provide the best wholesale bakery products to New Zealand. We make real baked goods that we’re proud of. We want to make exceptional food more accessible for New Zealanders, that means we use real fresh ingredients and bake daily. Our products are sold at cafes, supermarkets and other eateries nationwide, and we couldn’t be more delighted.  

We bake sweet and savoury products from bacon and egg pies, to quiches and whole cakes, cookies, tarts and slices. All our baked products have been designed by chefs and skilled bakers, and we’ve refined our recipes over 20 years, so you can trust us that they are good!


We Scratch Bake

Scratch bake means just what you think, we bake everything from scratch. You won’t find a pre-mixed batter in our kitchen. Everything we make is handmade and using real ingredients – just like you would at home (we just make a lot more). Our team is made up of bakers, chefs and true food lovers meaning quality isn’t compromised.

You’ll find our team weighing out ingredients, breaking real eggs and hand finishing everything. We bake 6 days a week, and our kitchen runs 20 hours a day. We’re a very hardworking bunch on a mission to delivery tasty wholesale baking.

Our Ingredients

To make great food, you need to use the best ingredients, it’s as simple as that. We do our best where possible to source local, good quality ingredients, it makes our food taste as good as it does.

We buy fresh vegetables that we prepare in house, this means our pies, quiches and sausage rolls are packed with goodness and taste.

We use real butter, milk, cream and eggs for all our products. Our team measures them out one by one and break each egg by hand. We’re proud that we can support others in the New Zealand food industry.

To keep any nasties out of our food, we refuse to use pre-mixed or powdered ingredients. We think you can taste the different between a Rocket Foods product and someone else’s.


Get our products delivered to you

Fresh Delivery

We give our customers the option to get items delivered fresh, because we all know that baking tastes better when it’s straight out of the oven. Just imagine the smell in our kitchen. We pack all our produce and have a team of couriers making deliveries across New Zealand multiple times per week.

Frozen Delivery

We also offer some products as fresh-frozen which means they are frozen as soon as they’ve been baked to keep them as fresh as possible. We use a tried and tested blast freezing technique that guarantees yummy tasting products even after they’ve been defrosted.

Our Stockists

To date, our baked delights are stocked in some of the best cafes, restaurants, delis, food stores and supermarkets around.

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Sustainability Statement

We are committed to doing our bit to keep our wonderful New Zealand as amazing as it is. We regularly review both our food processes and packaging in order to reduce waste and lessen our impact on the world.

Our team are conscious of food waste, and procedures are in place for reducing waste and composting all food where possible.

All our packing is sustainably sourced and we’re constantly reviewing how we package our products to ensure that they don’t have a lasting impact on the environment.  We encourage that all our customers recycle any packing that Rocket Foods products arrive in.